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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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Application of advanced computational methods for solving nonlinear problems associated with air and water pollution, compressible flows, MHD, high radioactive nuclear waster repository design, nuclear fuel transmutation, and renewable energy. Development and use of state-of-the-art mathematical and numerical algorithms including high-performance computing Accurately calculate fluid flow, heat transfer, and species transport of hazardous material under all types of conditions and constraints. Special emphasis on engineering, scientific, and environmental issues. Support federal/state agencies and local government projects, private sectors.

The goals of the NCACM are to encourage and provide resources for the interaction of experts from various disciplines towards research on the study and advancement of computational methods for solving nonlinear problems, with emphasis on the study of environmental problems. The application of new and future promising numerical techniques are of interest to researchers in many disciplines. The NCACM will serve as a catalyst for enhancing creativity, developing state-of-the-art computational techniques and algorithms, and jointly solving complicated problems in the fields of fluid flow and species transport, including interactions associated with chemistry, biology, and human health. Scientific papers will be published in technical journals, conferences and workshops held, seminars presented, and collaborative programs developed for visiting scientists. Members of the NCACM will be able to more easily collaborate and jointly submit worthy and timely proposals to major funding sources.


Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods