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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway,
Box 454027, Las Vegas,
NV 89154-4027

Phone: (702) 895-2693
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March 25, 2004


Compressible Flow Modelling.
Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics.
Heat Transfer.
Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods.
Turbulence Modeling.
Multiphase Flow.
Parallel Computing.

Va'lery Ponyavin 

Contact Information:

Office: 617, Paradise Campus, UNLV
Phone: (702) 895-2338
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Employed Since: Fall 2002


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2. Ponyavin V., Akberov R., Chen Y.,, Hsieh H. and Pepper D.W. “Calculation of Characteristics of the Unsteady Gas Flow Around a Projectile During the Motion of the Projectile in the Gun Barrel.” Proceedings of 2003 ASME International Engineering Congress, November 15-23, Washington DC, USA, 2003.

3. Akberov R., Pepper D.W., Chen Y., Ponyavin V. and Hsieh H. “Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer in the Yucca Mountain Repository”, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on High-Level Radioactive Waste Management, March 30-April 3, Las Vegas, USA, 2003.

4. Ponyavin V, Hirutdinov I. “Experimental Stand for Impinging Jets Investigations.” IV Scientific-Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialist of Tatarstan. December 11-12, Kazan, Russia, 2001.

5. Akberov R. and Ponyavin V. “Numerical Study of Internal Flows Using the Finite Element Method.” Preprint, Kazan State Tech. Univ, 20P3, Kazan, Russia, 2000, 22 p.

6. Akberov R. and Ponyavin V., “Calculation of Turbulent Flows in Cylindrical Pipes Using the Galerkin Finite Element Method”, All-Russia Journal of Problems in Power Engineering, V.3-4, 1999, pp. 9-15,

7. Yushko S. and Ponyavin V. “Simulation of Unsteady Gas Flow in Nozzles.” Second International Conference on Nonequilibrium Processes in Nozzles and Jets, June 22-26, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 1998

Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods